Friday, November 6, 2009

The Slippery Slope

Food blogging can be a slippery slope. It's very easy to get over-invested in the blog and forget to have fun in the kitchen. I took a break from blogging for a while now; I've done this twice. I took breaks when it was evident that I was more concerned about a pretty picture than how a meal tasted...or when I freaked out if I didn't cook what I considered bloggable food.

These seem to be common feelings amongst food bloggers. I've read time and time again these same sentiments being expressed by others in the blogosphere. People quit and come back...and quit again, just as I have.

I've decided that blogging is something I really have to do...I'm drawn to it. I feel compelled to share food with people...even if nobody reads the blog, or comments. When I post, I've put it out there and it feels good to do just that part.

It's funny, but as I sat in the movie theater and watched Julie & Julia, I saw so much of myself in both of those women. The Julie in me is the one who is excited when anyone takes the time to make a comment on my food; the Julia in me is the older person who seeks more knowledge through culinary school (this is a bucket list item for me), simply for the love of excellent food.

I'm planning on live-streaming from my kitchen on November 25 and 26th as I prepare my Thanksgiving meal.

So, Hi there blogosphere! Nice to see you again!



Seitan Said Dance said...

Welcome back! I can't wait for the streaming!

Paula Dines said...

Thanks, Dayna. I only hope my streaming is as enjoyable for others as yours was for me!

Melissa said...

I can't wait either! And I look forward to more of your wonderful food here in this space.

"when it was evident that I was more concerned about a pretty picture than how a meal tasted...or when I freaked out if I didn't cook what I considered bloggable food."


You know, when I made my blog private for those few months, I was posting only for myself. It simply became a place to store my photos and recipes I was proud of, the ones I loved. I don't regret going public again, but I hope to never lose sight of that reason being the ONLY reason that is important for me to blog. The other stuff just gets in my way, mentally and emotionally.

So glad we know each other Paula!!

Paula Dines said...

Melissa...I knew you'd "get" it. And I'm very glad we know each other too!

You are one of the people who made me see, really see, that there are other things that are more important than the blog...and that obscurity is just fine, thank you very much. :)

So, I thank you. Very much.

Melissa said...

You're welcome. :) And you were among the people who made me realize what food friends really could be, and what I no longer wanted out of blogging. So I thank you as well!

Deb Legg said...

Can't wait to be inspired by your culinary skills!

Paula Dines said..., of all people, were there from the very beginning of this madness. Sitting in a carport with Barbie houses spread out like a real-life neighborhood, you and your dolls were my first "dinner party guests"...and I love you, and the thoughts of those times.

So, I'll happily share real-life recipes with you...and hope, that if you make them, you get a taste of my grown up world. <3