Sunday, June 7, 2009

Faily McFailerson Finally Posts

Wow. I'm made of fail.

Fortunately, this simple appetizer, Blue Cheese Toasts, isn't!

Super Simple Blue Cheese Spread:

8 0unces Blue Cheese
8 ounces Cheddar Cheese
8 0unces Cream Cheese

Mix in food processor until blended. Slice baguette (of which I had none, so I used a hoagie roll).

Place slices spread with mixture on un-greased cooking sheet.

Broil until toasted. Voila.

This stuff is great on crackers and fruit too. And! It keeps forever (well, almost forever) in the refrigerator. It's the perfect thing to have handy for drop-ins. Or to be scarffed all by your lonesome.

So, yeah. Sorry I've been away so long. Life and sick puppies got in the way. Happy to be back.


Seitan Said Dance said...

Welcome back! Looks tasty!

Paula Dines said...

Seitan, Thanks! :) It's good to be back!

maura said...

Good to see you back (not that I should talk. Just call me Faily Jr.)

Paula Dines said...

Thanks, Maura. It really is good ot be back. I've been on a tear lately. I hope it holds up!